is a common project of the Belarusian musicians Irena Kotvitskaya and Alexey Vorsoba.
Ultra-arhaic and contemporary in design bring together an informed, attentive to every sound, granting special importance of sound and context, the formation of the context using unexpected techniques in harmony and arrangement. The accordion and voice often coexist in different tonal and rhythmic plans that create a polyphonic effect and gives the parties more autonomy.
It is music about the experiences and hopes of a mature man on a variety of twists and turns of life - love and death, children and family, a strange land, about the war, about the joy in sorrow and grief into joy.
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Іrena Kotvitskaya - folk singer, composer. The author and the leader of the international folk-projects: Kazalpin (Belarus - Switzerland), Diagilew Project (Germany) and Akana-NHS.
Alexey Vorsoba - composer duo, arranger and virtuoso accordionist. The leader of the instrumental trio «Port Mone», «Port Mone», participants of the international art projects, the author of music to many films and animated films, performances